columbia univ. '15-

ecological dynamics of microbiomes

dynamics of gut bacteria follow ecological laws [columbia news]

spatiotemporal profiling of microbiomes

sampling the neighborhoods of the gut microbiome [columbia news]

columbia u researchers develop ngs-based spatial metagenomics method [genomeweb]

gates foundation

the gates foundation funds the wang lab’s efforts in global health study [columbia systems biology news]

the hertz foundation expands global health and development fellowship [hertz foundation]

gates foundation taps hertz foundation's fellows [zdnet]

temporal recording in arrays by crispr expansion (trace)

world’s smallest tape recorder is built from microbes [columbia news]

researchers use crispr to create the world’s tiniest tape recorder [fast company]

bacterial "tape recorder" could keep tabs on bodily functions [scientific american]

scientists have used cells as a recording device for the first time [axios]

world's smallest tape recorder is alive [live science]

scientists use crispr to turn e.coli bacteria into a microscopic tape recorder [futurism]

researchers reveal 'tape recorder' made of microbes in breakthrough that could lead to a new generation of bacterial machines [daily mail]

crispr harnessed to turn bacteria into microscopic tape recorders [genetic engineering and biotechnology news]

world's smallest tape recorder has been built inside a living bacterium [science alert]

synthetic biologists create bacterial ‘tape recorder’ [sci-news]

Ученые создали микроба-"шпиона", способного записывать информацию в ДНК [RIA]

"biologists from the United States turned the ordinary E. coli into an invulnerable and invisible 'super-spy'"

floating points likes a tweet about our paper

rice univ. '11-'15

scientists want to use color-changing rainbow poop to diagnose your bowel problems [gizmodo]

commencement remarks, rated better than colin powell's

within the congealed mixture of beans, salsa and sour cream, all smothered under queso, you could discover your dreams

hertz fellowship [rice news]

“i was in complete disbelief,” he said. “i left what i was doing in the lab and walked across campus to grab an iced coffee...”

senior video profile [rice news]